Creating the magical realm that is Faerieworlds requires the contributions of many people. If you have enjoyed attending Faerieworlds in the past, becoming a volunteer is a great way to support the show and to earn valuable benefits.

This year, we are improving our system to ensure our volunteers get the information and support they need to shine. We need a friendly, informed staff to serve our guests and to keep them safe and the show running smoothly.

We have a new sign up form this year so we can learn more about you before show day. We are increasing the number of volunteer meetings prior to the event, as well as overall communication before and during the event itself. We are also increasing volunteer accountability so that no one is left doing the work of others. Our goal is to become a community of volunteers working together to make Faerieworlds an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Please read over the following about what is expected of volunteers and decide if you have the dedication and energy needed to fill the position of your choice. All volunteers are required to meet several times, either in person or virtually prior to the event itself; it is important that you are able to dedicate time to these meetings.


● When you agree to become a Faerieworlds volunteer, you are entering into an agreement with Faerieworlds for your time and abilities. You will receive benefits based on the amount of time you can dedicate.

● You are an integral part of the Faerieworlds Realm and often the guests’ first impression as they enter the event.

● All volunteers are responsible to assist guests quickly, politely and as efficiently as possible. The Volunteer Coordinators and the volunteer booth staff, onsite, will provide all materials and training necessary for you to do your best.

● Faerieworlds and the guests are dependent upon you, the volunteer, for a safe and enjoyable event. We expect you to keep your agreement with Faerieworlds and complete your shifts as promised.

● For Faerieworlds Volunteer Coordination Team to ensure that volunteers will work for the benefits you earn, you may be asked to provide a non-cash security deposit at the beginning of your shift that will be returned to you at the end of your shift. Our team will keep your deposit safe until you return.


● When interacting with guests, you are representing Faerieworlds and all the magic it contains. However, if you appear to be “under the influence” in any way by our staff, you will be removed from your shift and may have your benefits revoked.

● You are expected to be helpful, polite, and courteous. In many positions, volunteers will carry with them information and maps to assist with anything a guest might need.

● If instructed, please wear any badge, vest or T-shirt you are given so you are easily be identified as a volunteer.

● When considering dress/costume-be aware of your volunteer position and what will work best for the weather, comfort, uniform you might need to wear and representing Faerieworlds in respectful way.

● All volunteers must report 15 min prior to their shifts to be signed in, security deposit made, materials (map, FAQ for guests) and debriefed on any new developments.

● All volunteers must be available for meetings (monthly, bi-monthly and then weekly) either in person, through a private Facebook group, via email or via phone prior to the event.

● At the event, all volunteers must be able to be reached via cellphone or other method before, during and after a shift.


Harassment of any kind, including physical or verbal assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome verbal or physical attentions, is not acceptable at Faerieworlds and will not be tolerated. If people tell you “no,” that they are not interested in interacting with you in any way or to leave them alone – “no means NO” – your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with those people, you may be removed from the premises.

We are all responsible for being our own advocates in interpersonal situations. Except in situations of confirmed harassment as defined above, Faerieworlds is not responsible for solving any interpersonal problems that may arise between individual members. In general, we can take no action to prevent a person from attending the festival unless that person has made a specific and credible threat toward the convention itself or if another individual can produce a legal restraining order.


● A Free Pass for yourself based on shifts worked (Parking Passes are not included)

● 12 hours = One 3-Day Weekend Pass (non-camping) – volunteer may work two 6-hour shifts or three 4-hour shifts

● Free Faerieworlds T-shirts for volunteers with two years or more tenure.

● Being an integral part of this wonderful event-a new community of friends through your volunteering teams!



Due to the terms of our agreement with our new venue Horning’s Hideout, we will be charging a $40 fee for volunteer and staff camping, which includes camping on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights*. Once confirmed on a team you will receive a payment link by email.  (*Setup Volunteers may camp on Thursday night)




What We Do: Welcome guests; handle tickets, pre-purchased and purchased on site; provide badges &

programs, answer guest questions; lost & found.

When We Do It: Thursday through Sunday


What We Do: Lay out Parking Area and fire lanes; install signage, greet guests at Gate; direct to Parking Areas;

Oversee and supervise Parking Areas; Oversee and supervise Guest & Vendor load out.

When We Do It :: Thursday through Monday


What We Do: Lay out Vending Village; install power grid; load in vendors to assigned spaces; oversee and supervise Vending Village & Vendor services; break down Vending Village.

When We Do It: Tuesday through Monday


What We Do: Checking in/out volunteers from their shifts; ensuring volunteers get bathroom breaks, receive water and assistance as necessary; handling any shift issues on site, at event, working with team coordinators; briefing and directing volunteers to their group meeting places or positions.

When We Do It: Thursday through Monday


What We Do: Distribute and maintain waste / recycling receptacles on site; sort trash for recycling; keep event clean and trash free.

When We Do It: Thursday through Tuesday


What We Do: Lay out Camping Areas and fire lanes; install signage; direct guests to Camping Areas;

Oversee and supervise Camping Areas; Oversee and supervise Camper load out.

When We Do It: Wednesday through Monday


What We Do: Load Production truck; Set up backstage; assist with site signage & installations; event set up & break down

When We Do It: Wednesday through Monday


What We Do: Site Decoration; water faeries

When We Do It: Thursday through Sunday


What We Do: Manage event Programming & Workshops

When We Do It: Friday through Sunday


What We Do: Create and manage activities for children during event

When We Do It: Friday through Sunday


What We Do: Area preparation & set up; assist with area activities, crowd management & security; area

breakdown and cleanup

When We Do It: Wednesday through Monday



If you find you are ready to join one of our important teams then please fill out the appropriate form below and our  Volunteer Coordinator, will contact you about the steps in the approval and Team Assignment Process.