Faerieworlds is largest mythic, fantasy and faerie themed festival in the US. Now in its 18h year of providing music and art based entertainment, Faerieworlds returns to Horning’s Hideout, the Portland area’s most beautiful and celebrated outdoor venue, for three days of extraordinary live music and performance, amazing art and crafts, and fantasy fun for the whole family.

Called “mythically magical…an otherworldly event,” Faerieworlds features bands and musicians from around the world, internationally acclaimed artists and authors, spectacular performances and entertainers, the Wisdom Workshop Village and the Mythic Marketplace of over 85 vendors and food booth and annually attracts thousands of fans and families from around the globe to Oregon over the three days to experience the magic of the Realm.

Faerieworlds the only West Coast festival to feature internationally acclaimed world music, neo-folk and pagan folk bands from Europe, many premiering for the time in the US.  Artists have included Wardruna (Norway), Omnia (The Netherlands), Faun (Germany), Martine Kraft (Norway), Zirp (Germany), Folk Noir (Germany), Euzen (Denmark), Qntal and Estampie (Germany), Moon & the Night Spirit (Hungary), Damonea Nymphe (Greece), Azam Ali & Niyaz (Iran/Canada), Delhi 2 Dublin (Canada), Donovan (Ireland) and many others.

Each day of the event is themed: Friday is Good Faeries Day, Saturday is Bad Faeries Day and Sunday is Family Day. Horning’s Hideout in North Plains, OR lakeside Douglas Fir forest  will become a veritable magical realm, with the amazing Mythic Marketplace featuring over 100 booths of vendors from across the country, local organic food, beer, wine and mead, workshops and classes, music by internationally acclaimed bands all day and night on three stages, the incredible Spiral Dance, the Neverworlds Children’s Area and much more.

For three days and nights, people of all ages are transported and inspired by the magic of music and the beauty of things made by hand. Within the gate of Faerieworlds, adventures are begun, discoveries are made, new friends are found, tribes are formed and communities are born. Within the Realm, children see wonders and adults experience enchantments and we all lift up our hearts and spirits and dance and celebrate together under the summer stars. Find Your Tribe, Come Home Again and Live Your Legend…

Welcome to Faerieworlds.



“Faerieworlds is a festival with a little something for everyone, from toddlers to their grandparents and everyone in between. There’s an energy there that embraces everyone, regardless of their path or tradition, whether they’re dressed as goblins or faeries or in their everyday clothing. There is delicious food and energizing music, and shiny baubles for every taste. It’s like a family reunion with a family you didn’t know that you had.”  – Mia Nutnick, journalist

“It was an honor to be included in Faerieworlds this year. My family and I had so much fun (five year old Bella didn’t want to go home and I sort of didn’t either) and we can’t wait to come back next year. After a few very stressful and emotionally draining years that had me seriously considering retiring from being a Faery artist, Faerieworlds was exactly what I needed to restore my passion for my work. Watching the sheer happiness and abandon of the crowds and seeing all of the beautiful unique items being sold by the vendors was inspirational. A little light bulb went off in my head “AAhhhh… this is why I chose this life. Now I remember.” This is the type of life I want my girls to grow up with. I want them to know that there are other roads we can take. Faerieworlds helps us find those roads again and again.”  – Amy Brown, artist

“Faerieworlds mixes art, lifestyle and commerce to create a highly focused, themed environment where shopping is as much a part of the experience as making friends and frolicking. This is not a sterile convention where you set up and sell, it is an immersive theatrical venue where your product can become part of the fantasy community’s collective consciousness. And, it’s a lot of fun.”   –  Robert Self, Publisher, Baby Tattoo Books