Electric Woodland is a new evolutionary live project from Woodland co-founder Emilio Miller-Lopez, pushing the envelope on psychedelic rock production merged with luminous poetic vocals. Electric Woodland’s live sound delves into the realms of rock contemporaries like Tame Impala and The Flaming Lips, while presenting a style of lyricism reminiscent of classic song crafters The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

The Electric Woodland set for Faerieworlds 2022 will be part of a larger set being presented as The Faerieworlds Orchestra, which will include many of this years festival artists, as well as some very special guests who will be announced officially very soon.  The set will include new songs from the forthcoming album The Afterlife of Stars, as well as several Woodland classics and a few driving electric versions of traditional celtic reels and jigs (for your dancing pleasure).