Festival Info & FAQ


DATE: August 23-25, 2019

VENUE: Horning’s Hideout – North Plains, Oregon



2019 Ticketing Information

Passports include admission for all three days and nights on August 24-26, and onsite camping. Weekend Passes include admission from noon until midnight on all three days of the event.  All cars will be required to purchase a Parking Pass at an additional fee.  Children 5 years old and under are FREE with a paying adult. Tickets for children 6-12 are half-priced from adult tickets. Faerieworlds is a rain or shine event and tickets are non-refundable for any reason.

3-Day Pass prices include primitive, onsite camping beginning Friday approximately at 1 pm through Monday at noon. We strongly encourage everyone to purchase your Parking Pass in advance of arrival to Horning’s Hideout. RV Parking Passes are required for RVs to enter property. (More Parking info below). The camping areas will be separate from the parking areas.

Where do I get my Passport and camping wristband?

If you have not purchased your Passport and Ticket in advance, you can purchase them at the Admissions area before you enter the event site.

I canʼt wait to camp at Faerieworlds. What type of ticket do I need?

To camp at Faerieworlds and to enter the camping areas, you need a three day Camping Passport. If you are not camping on site, you need a One Day, Two Day or a Weekend ticket. Tickets are available from the Faerieworlds website and at Admissions at the festival. No one will be admitted to the event site without a Faerieworlds wristband.

I bought a ticket but canʼt make it. Can I give my ticket to a friend?

All tickets are non-refundable, however they are transferable to another person. Please bring the printed receipt, order number or first/last name of purchaser to Admissions when checking in at WILL CALL. Once wristbands are attached to guests, they cannot be transferred in any way. Attendees with wristbands that have been cut or re-tapped onto guests will not be admitted to the site.

What about children: do they need a ticket too?

Yes. Children’s Camping passes for ages 6 – 12 can be purchased and children 5 and under may camp FREE. All minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times in camping areas. Kids admission is FREE on Sunday.

What time will gates open on Friday?

*Gates will open to public at approximately 2PM on Friday. Do not arrive early as no one will be admitted don the hill into the site until this time.

Will Admissions be open if I arrive really late/early?

Admissions will be open on the posted hours below only so plan accordingly.

Do you sell single day tickets?



Do I need a Parking Pass?

YES! Parking Passes are required for all cars entering Horning’s Hideout. Parking Passes are offered in advance on our ticketing page. We strongly encourage everyone purchase your Parking Pass in advance and to carpool and offset the cost of this fee. You may come and go and not pay the fee again if the parking pass is displayed. Your vehicle will be searched any time you enter the site. 

OK – Iʼm at Faerieworlds: where can I park?

At the festival, there is a $30.00 charge for Parking for three days: $15 per day. If you purchased a discounted Advance Parking Pass, please display it on the inside of the driver’s side windshield. The Hornings Hideout Parking Staff will direct you to the appropriate parking field; each are about a 5-10 min walk to the site. Parking Fees are CASH ONLY; there will be an ATM machine in the Parking Entrance area.

RV Parking Information

RV passes are limited to 50 spaces only. When they sell out there will be no more available, please do not bring your RV to the Faerieworlds without a pre-purchased RV Pass. RV Pass holders must each also purchase a Camping Passport.

Recreational Vehicles, RV Trailers and Buses will be parked in a separate area. An RV is considered any oversized vehicle that will not fit into a single parking space, trailered camper, and/or attached camper to pick-up. Mini Vans will NOT be considered RVs. Only qualifying RV vehicles are permitted in RV Parking – regardless of purchase of an RV pass, non-qualified vehicles shall be directed to park in regular Parking areas. RENTED BOX VANS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED.

There are no electric hook ups or dump stations available on site at all. Leveling shims (boards or similar) are recommended. For other vehicles that people intend to sleep in that are undersized (vans, pickups with canopies) we will try to accommodate you by placing you in a level area.

Although we would like to honor the requests for a large space next to undersized vehicles so you can put out chairs and camping gear next to your VW, we CAN’T, for it is basically taking up a complete parking space. If you require additional space next to your RV, you must purchase a SECOND RV Parking Pass.

Alter-Abled / Special Needs Information

A separate area will be reserved for ADA parking and camping. ADA Parking Lot is the ONLY parking area where car camping is allowed. Vehicles are permitted in this area must display an official Blue Alter-Abled placard in their vehicle.

RVs and trailers are NOT permitted in this area. An Alter-Abled person viewing area will be reserved in the concert field. Alter-Abled toilets will be available in both the reserved viewing area and the reserved parking/camping area. Alter-Abled information is also available at Admissions, Information and at the band merchandise area. If special assistance in needed, please visit the information area or stop any Event Staffer. We are happy to help.

Iʼm Alterabled: where can I park?

Alterabled Parking is immediately adjacent to the access road leading to the event site. Our Parking staff will guide you to your space. It is a hard surface road to the event site.

What about fire lanes?

For everyone’s safety and security, please observe and follow all NO PARKING signage and marked fire lanes. These are here for your safety. Any vehicles or camping structures found in marked fire lanes are subject to immediate removal or towing at the owners expense.

May I come and go as needed from event?

Patrons will be permitted to exit and re-enter the event if they do so according to event requirements. You must purchase (or have purchased) a Parking Pass for your vehicle upon arrival. You will receive a Parking Pass that must be displayed at all times AND to gain re-entry and avoid paying again.

We encourage patrons to bring enough supplies for the entire event. During times of heavy incoming traffic, exiting vehicles may experience delays. IF you know you will have to leave, tell a Parking Coordinator and they will try to accommodate. Vehicles returning may not be able to return to same parking spot as before; you may have to park at a remote lot.

Intoxicated persons will not be re-admitted. All re-admitted persons must have the proper event ticket, pass, wristband and ID or they will be required to purchase another ticket.


What are the Event Hours for 2018?

Guest entrance to Horning’s Hideout ONLY during these hours:

Friday, 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Gates Open @ 2PM

Saturday, 10:00 – 10:00 PM
Gates Open @ 12PM

Sunday, 10:00AM – 6:00 PM
Gates Open @ 12PM

*If you before or arrive after these times, you will not be allowed down into the amphitheater and could be turned around. Please plan accordingly.


What about campfire or campstove?


Per the rules of Horning’s Hideout, NO OPEN FLAME OF ANY KIND & NO CAMPFIRES OR CAMPSTOVES by the public are permitted in camping and event areas. This is the most extreme fire season Oregon has experienced in many years. These rules will be strictly enforced for your safety and protection.
No exceptions will be made.

ALSO NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED ANYWHERE ON THE EVENT SITE except in designated areas. Please use the smoke disposal units provided in these areas. This will be strictly enforced by Hornings Hideout Security and Staff; violation can and does result eviction from the event site.

I got a lot of stuff. Can I drive my car to my camp site?

No. For everyoneʼs safety, no vehicles are allowed to drive into camping areas. Be prepared to carry in your camping supplies from the parking area to the camping area. We suggest you bring your wagons, luggage with wheels, carts or even baby strollers/joggers…anything with wheels to help move your camping gear to your campsite.

Can I bring my golf cart or ATV?

No. Due to Hornings Hideout regulations, no personal transportation vehicles such as ATVʼs, Golf Carts, Motorbikes or Scooters or any motorized personal transportation devices are allowed on the property, except for motorized wheelchairs for disabled attendees.

Can I reserve a camping spot in advance?

All camping is first come / first serve, including family camping and Alter-Abled / special needs camping. If you have a legitimate need for family or special needs camping, please notify Admissions upon arrival.

Is there going to be a Family / Quiet camping area this year?

Yes! We have set aside a nice area, with quiet-hours, family camp area where we hope parking access will be close to camping. We will have clear signage. These are VERY popular areas and tend to fill quickly.

If RV Camping is SOLD OUT, are there other RV campgrounds close-by?

For those who missed out on an RV Parking Pass for a concert, there are RVs spots at other local campgrounds. For those folks who missed out on an RV pass there are two campgrounds that you can park your RV at and commute to Horning’s for the concert. They are: Mountaindale Sun Resort (503) 647-2449 about 7 miles from here and Stub Stewart State Park, about 15 miles from here. The reservation phone number is 1-800-452-5687.

We have a VW camper van (or other 20ft camper) that we prefer to sleep and make food in. According to the online information, my van is not an RV so we can’t stay in that area. Also according to the information, we can’t “camp” in the parking area. So, my question is, will you have a van parking area that we can camp in that is somewhat level?

Yes you can, but you will be parked in a normal parking spot, so while you are able to sleep in it you will not be able to set up camp around it for the other cars will be too close. You can set up a place to sit with friends in the camping areas, NOT the Parking area.

We do try to hold out some flat areas for those who are sleeping in their vehicle, but once those are gone you will be parked where ever the flow of traffic is going. There is no other choice so please to not argue with the volunteers for a different spot. Bring blocks to level the van, for much of the parking is on rolling hills.

As stated in the small RV policy, we will save a place and a more flat area for vans and such where they can sleep comfortably in the vehicle. They will NOT be able to set up a camp next to the vehicle at all. They can certainly set up a day use area for themselves, i.e. chairs and such with the rest of the tent campers. We do not mix camping and cars they can’t set up alongside their vans.

I have a medical condition that necessitates that I have immediate access to my emergency medication or equipment in my vehicle. 

There will be an area for medical emergency parking adjacent to the festival site entrance. Please bring documentation of your medical condition with you.


Can I have a generator at my campsite?

No. Due to exhaust, noise and fire danger, no generators will be allowed in the camping area. Solar panel generators are allowed, as well as onboard generators in the RV area.

Is electricity available in the Camping areas?

No, power is not available in the camping areas.

Whoʼs watching my stuff in my campsite?

The security of all personal articles in guestʼs campsite are the sole responsibility of our vendors and guests. Hornings Hideout, Faerieworlds LLC, its members, staff, subcontractors, vendors, or volunteers are not responsible for any loss, stolen,
 or damaged property.

Please do NOT to leave any valuables in your camping area. For additional protection, consider deterring un-wanted entry by using a small combination lock (backpack size) on your tent and/or use a motion activated alarm. Camping can be very fun and communal. Watch out for your neighbors. If you notice someone that does not belong in a tent, exhibiting suspicious behavior, or notice a suspicious package, immediately notify Event Security.


Below are the Horning’s Hideout RULES. Click here to view their official rules and regulations.

  • No non event sanctioned Campfires
  • No Dogs or other Pets allowed
  • No Outside Alcohol
  • No Nitrous Permitted
  • No Fireworks
  • No Weapons
  • No Motorized Vehicles
  • No Bicycles or Skateboards
  • No non event Amplified Live Music
  • No Laser Pointers
  • No Non-Vendor Sales
  • No non event Alcohol Sales
  • No Tobacco Paraphernalia Sales
  • No Camping in Parking Areas
  • No admittance past the upper road checkout without a festival ticket
  • Festival wristband must be worn at all times


Can I bring my dog, cat, ferret, owl or pet crow?

No. Guests may not bring animals of any kind into the event site.

Can I bring my dog to the festival?

We’re sorry, we understand that to many folks dogs are family, but we just can’t deal with the impact and risks involved with having your dog at Hornings Hideout. Therefor, we will not tolerate dogs in either the parking lot or the venue itself during concerts.

Thatʼs OK; I can leave my pet in my car.

NO, do not do that. Animal Control will break your car window to liberate animals as well as remove any dog left tied to a car.  All dogs found tied up outside of the concert site will be immediately impounded by the local SPCA And THE OWNERS WILL BE CITED IN ALL CASES.

What about Service Dogs?

The only exception to this is service dogs that are trained for a certain task, such as a guide dog for a blind person. Oregon Law does not recognize dogs or other animals as a service animal unless you are blind, deaf or physically handicapped. They must be trained to perform a certain task, not be simply someone’s companion. What qualifies as a task are such things as a guide dog for the blind, what does not qualify is a companion dog.

Are we allowed to bring alcohol to Horning’s Hideout?

The stated policy for outside alcohol is: NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. This will be strictly enforced due to restrictions in our insurance policy. A variety of microbrews and wine and alternatives will be available with proper ID.

Photo ID IS MANDITORY TO PURCHASE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES*. No alcohol is available for sale outside of the amphitheater entrance. Vehicles are subject to a brief search upon entering the premises. Patrons and their belongings are subject to search upon entering amphitheater.


Can we play some music and have a drum circle at our campsite?

Yes. Designated areas will be set up for a DJ Dome and acoustic music area and drum circles. There is no amplified music allowed in general camping or parking areas.

Are there showers on site?

Yes, Horning’s Hideout now has 10 shower stalls near the Food Court available for a fee.

Is swimming allowed?

No – Swimming at Horning’s Hideout is not allowed during Faerieworlds.

I’ve heard about NEVERWORLDS: is that the Kids Area?

Neverworlds is a “kid’s area” for children and adults of all ages that features live entertainment, storytelling, performance, group activities and all manner of arts and crafts. Faerieworlds volunteers are on hand to facilitate and provide limited supplies.

Please note this is not a day-care or babysitting service. Volunteers cannot accept responsibility for your children. We encourage parents to supervise and participate. In order to minimize the trauma of lost children, children under 10, who are admitted free with paying adult, will not be permitted to enter or exit the amphitheater without a responsible adult.

Even non-paying children are required to wear a wristband. We encourage you to stop by the kid’s tent and write their name on their band with permanent marker. If you do lose a child please report it immediately to a radio wearing security person. We will then lock down the amphitheater until your child is located. Please keep your little ones well fed and well hydrated, and don’t forget to keep them protected from the sun. Sunscreen and hats are strongly encouraged for everyone, especially kids! Hoola Hoops and safe toys are always welcome.


What about smoking? Where can I do that?

NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED ANYWHERE ON THE EVENT SITE except in designated areas. Please use the smoke disposal units provided in these areas. This will be strictly enforced by Hornings Hideout Security and Staff; violation can and does result eviction from the event site.

Can I get high at the festival?

No, Hornings Hideout strictly prohibits the possession or use of all illegal drugs, paraphernalia of any sort and nitrous oxide. These items will be confiscated and violators will be promptly removed from the venue without refund of tickets or camping fees. Any citations or costs affiliated with these items are the sole responsibility of the offender. NO WEAPONS, NO NITROUS OXIDE, NO ILLEGAL DRUGS OR PARAPHERNALIA

I have a medical card: can’t I smoke?

No. Possession of a Medical Marijuana card does NOT give you permission to smoke on site.


Will food and drinks be available on site?

Yes, Faerieworlds has an excellent food court containing mostly organic omnivore, vegetarian and vegan cuisine and many of our food vendors will be open at night for our camping guests.

Is there potable water available onsite?

Yes. Water & ICE are available on site – Drinking water is also available for no fee. Bring your own containers. Bottled water and Ice are also available for purchase.


There will be ATMs on site. We encourage patrons to bring enough cash to last the entire weekend.


Any advice on being safe and comfortable at Faerieworlds?

Drink plenty of water! Itʼs easy to get dehydrated in the late summer sun. Be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen, juat to be safe. The event grounds can be uneven so we strongly suggest you wear sturdy shoes or boots. Carry and use a flashlight at night and bring extra batteries. An LED camp light or headlamp is a great idea. The best way to stay healthy and happy is to wash your hands and use a sanitizer after using the facilities. 

What about event security?

Faerieworlds and Hornings Hideout will have bonded roving security throughout the festival and campground areas 24-7. Event Security can be recognized by the bright color SECURITY t-shirts and safety vests. For your added information, comfort and security, we will also have event safety personnel on site, recognized by the bright color SAFETY t-shirts. 

What do I do if someone is harassing me?

Harassment of any kind, including physical or verbal assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome verbal or physical attentions, is not acceptable at Faerieworlds and will not be tolerated. If people tell you “no,” that they are not interested in interacting with you in any way or to leave them alone – “no means NO” – your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with those people, you may be removed from the premises.

We are all responsible for being our own advocates in interpersonal situations. Except in situations of confirmed harassment as defined above, Hornings Hideout and Faerieworlds are not responsible for solving any interpersonal problems that may arise between individual members. In general, we can take no action to prevent a person from attending the convention unless that person has made a specific and credible threat toward the convention itself or if another individual can produce a legal restraining order. If you have any questions about your personal security or need assistance, please contact a member of our Security team.


What about toilets and showers?

Standard and Alter-Abled Portable toilets, sanitation stations and sinks will be conveniently located within the camping areas as well as in the event site. For your own health and safety, please be sure to WASH YOUR HANDS AND USE A SANITIZER after using the facilities; DO THIS FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND PROTECTION.

Are showers available?

There are shower stalls located in the vending area adjacent to the amphitheater available for a fee.


Where can I get medical attention if I need it?

Faerieworlds will have a First Aid Tent in the crossroads at center of the event site staffed by a professional medical team including EMTs, paramedics and registered nurses who are experienced in festival medical care operating 24 hours a day from Friday 8AM through Monday at 12 noon. Please locate the First Aid booth via the onsite maps upon your arrival.

Anything I should watch out for on the event site?

For your safety and comfort we recommend adults and especially children wear sturdy shoes at all times. There is poison oak in the surrounding woods and along the roads and paths to the site. Please use extreme caution when walking in these areas. If you contract poison oak i.e. you have an itchy skin rash, please go to the First Aid tent immediately for treatment.

I lost something valuable; where can I go to report it and see if anyone found it?

Lost and Found will be at the Information Booth at the entrance to the event field.


In the very unlikely event that we must evacuate the area, please remain calm and follow the instructions of our Security and Parking teams to the exit roads from the site. The Emergency Exit routes will be marked on site and in the Program Book.


Please be patient and considerate of others when you leave the event site. Use a flashlight or headlamp when walking on the roads or in the Parking Fields. Follow the instructions of our Security and Parking teams to the road is the one you arrived on. Drive slowly and be mindful of pedestrians, especially small children, and be respectful of our neighbors: please do not disturb them! Carry the spirit of Faerieworlds home with you!

Our “Only Footprints” Clean Event Site Policy

Please help the Faerieworlds keep Horning’s Hideout a clean and beautiful place. Please use the free garbage bags available at the front gate and at the band merchandise area. We can use your extra help each night cleaning the concert area after the music ends. Please use both the garbage containers and the recycling containers.

Please also clean up the area around your campsite when you are packing up to leave. Horning’s Hideout is a special place and with your help we hope to keep it that way. A beer tent will be in the concert area. No outside alcohol will be permitted into the concert area. Please help us keep the Hideout clean by picking up after yourself, cleaning up your campsite and using the recycling/trash containers. Let’s “Leave Only Footprints!”

Directions to Horning’s Hideout

Horning’s Hideout is located just 35 minutes west of Portland in North Plains, Oregon. Horning’s is very easy to find.

From Portland

Take Highway 26 West approximately 15 miles to the North Plains/Glencoe Road Exit 57. Turn right (North) from the exit onto Glencoe Road. Take Glencoe Rd. approximately 1.5 miles to a left fork that is Pumpkin Ridge Road. Follow Pumpkin Ridge Rd. for 5 miles to Brunswick Canyon Road, which is an “easy to miss” gravel road on the right. STOP HERE at Admissions for your Badges and to show or purchase your Parking Pass.

When you have your Passes, follow Brunswick Canyon Road down, down, down into the canyon to the event site.

From the Coast

You can hook up with 26 East from Hwy 101. If you’re coming either North or South on I-5, or on I-84 through The Columbia River Gorge, you’ll drive into Portland and take the I-405 loop to 26 West, then follow the directions above.

Are there shuttles or festival provided transportation to/from Horning’s Hideout?

No, we do not provide any means of transportation to or from Horning’s Hideout. We suggest travel arrangements be made in advance of the festival.

Horning’s Hideout is 11mi from nearest MAX (light rail station -(Orenco Station) NW 231St St. Furthermore, we strongly discourage hitchhiking as the roads are very narrow and dangerous.

Local Kennel Information

  • Sunset Kennels: (503) 648-4331
  • Hillsboro Vet Clinic: (503) 648-4117
  • Rock Creek Kennels: (503) 645-2912
  • A Pretty Pets: (503) 359-7542
  • Companion Pet Clinics: (503) 693-1063
  • Minoggie Kennels: (503) 621-3597

Hotel Information
Official Hotel information with discount codes will be available in early April.  please wait to reserve.

  • Homestead Studio Suites: 503-690-3600
  • Extended Stay America: 503-439-1515
  • Extended Stay America (Formerly Wellesley): 503-439-0706
  • Red Lion Hotel Hillsboro: (503) 648-3500
  • The Dunes Motel: (503) 648-8991
  • Travelodge Hillsboro: (503) 640-4791


Send them to: info at faerieworlds.com